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Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Piranha Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner scrubs and vacuums out debris off the floor, walls and even grime along the waterline. An excellent value for money wall climbing waterline cleaning automatic swimming pool cleaner. 

Internally filtering out sand, silt, pollen and algae Piranha Ultra operates independently of your pool's filter or pump and works without costly to run booster pumps. Microfiltered water is immediately thrust out to circulate the water for the cleanest and healthiest swimming pool and easiest pool maintenance.

Fast: intelligent guidance, complete pool cleaning, in as little as 2 hours. 

Scrubs: Dual foot-long brushes rotate to scrub your pool's entire surface. 

Vacuum: Most powerful vacuum and circulation in its class. 

Filters: Internal, reusable 32 litre maximum capacity microfilter removes unhealthy impurities down to 2 microns without clogging your pool's filter. 

Adjustable: Customisable debris ports widths and depths enables removal of your particular debris type from pollen to pine needles to leaves. 

Mobile: Never-stuck™ wheels roll over raised areas that beach other cleaners. 

Protective: G-Tooth™ Tracks protect pool surface and cleaner from contact

Designed for pools Up to 12m long / any surface or configuration

Cleaning time 2 hours
Scrubbing Mechanism Two foot-long All-Surface SUPER brushes
Debris Intake Port 2 Offset for Clog-Free Operation
Filter Debris Holding Capacity 32 litres Maximum Volume
Filtration Particle Size Down to 2 microns - Each cleaner comes supplied with box of disposable filter bags free of charge.
Filtration / Circulation Rate 16 m3/h
Pump motor Brushless, individually sealed; Oil Cooled and Lubricated + Water Cooled
Drive motor Individually sealed, oil-free, water-cooled
Surface Obstacle Avoidance Patented NeverStuckTM Rollers
Guidance Mechanism Patented Directional Guidance Cable Float
Power Supply StayCoolTM All Weather Resistant
Electrical Requirements 230 V / 50 Hz (plug-in; no installation needed)
Cable Length / Type 18.5 m / Self-Floating; Kink-Free
Robot / Shipping weight 8.2 kg / 16.6 kg