Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool Water Treatment

More and more swimming pool owners now switching to a secure and safe way of disinfecting the swimming pool with the help of a UV water disinfection system, to avoid the harmful effects of chlorine in pool water.

The disadvantage of the method of disinfecting your swimming pool with chlorine is that chlorine is released into the air by the movment of the poolwater or contact with sunlight, this is why you need to add more chlorine on a regular basis swimming pool.

The evaporation of chlorine gives a nasty smell in enclosed spaces which may contribute to lung and respiratory problems with people who suffer from asthma or COPD.

By using the standard UV-C Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon or UV-C timer, you can use up to 80% less chlorine in your swimming pool, therfore less irritation for your skin and eyes after swimming.

To enjoy up to 100% chlorine free swimming pool the Blue Lagoon Ionizer was developed, the combination of using a UV lamp and a copper electrolysis ionizer (positively charged metal ions) results in a chlorine-free pool.

In addition the Blue Lagoon ozone and UV-C combination not only kill micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) but also destroys cosmetics, urine, perspiration, suntan lotions and oils out off the water.

Blue Lagoon Domestic UV Timer System
The Blue Lagoon UV-C Timer provides clean, fresh and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The UV-C radiation neutralises bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents them from reproducing.

The Blue Lagoon UV-C Timer, UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is generated by the special lamp, which thus produces a bactericidal action.
Blue Lagoon Domestic UV-C Sterilizer System
This unit can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals but up to 80%
The Blue Lagoon UV-C generates UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7mm , ensuring lethal effects on bacteria (including Legionella).

The philips lamp has been designed for water temperatures up to 40 degrees celsius. 

Your spa water with be clean, fresh and clear in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The water is pushed through the device via a pump. 

Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV System
The Blue Lagoon Saltwater is designed for saltwater pools and disinfection of pools using salt chlorinators.
Blue Lagoon Combi UV & Copper Ionizer System 40W

This revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis means you can have a chlorine-free pool!

With the Blue Lagoon UV-C Ionizer unit as part of your pool system you can keep your pool water fresh, crystal-clear and above all hygienically clean, without having to put chlorine or other chemicals in the water.

Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C System

This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C means you can have a low-chlorine pool!

With this Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C unit in your pool system you can keep your pool water fresh, crystal-clear and above all hygienically clean.