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Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C System

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Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C System
  • Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C System
  • Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C System
This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C means you can have a low-chlorine pool!

With this Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C unit in your pool system you can keep your pool water fresh, crystal-clear and above all hygienically clean.

You connect the "Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C to your pool system.
The water is pumped into the device via the supplied reactor by means of a pump.
Air is sucked in by the venturi because of the speed of the water flowing through the reactor.
This air enters the device's housing between the quartz glass and the Ozone UV-C lamp. In this way the air is charged with ozone.
The special ozone lamp produces 0.6 grams of ozone. The ozone-charged air is mixed with the pool water in the reactor.
By mixing the ozone air with the water a powerful disinfection process takes place in the pool water.
The water enters the housing mixed with ozone beyond the ozone UV-C lamp. The lamp has an output of 25 watts of UV-C and destroys the ozone residues in the water.
The 316L stainless-steel housing provides additional reflection of up to 35% of the UV-C light, so that the best possible action is achieved.

What is ozone?
Ozone is oxygen (O3). This ozone atom O3 destroys and oxidizes molds, bacteria and viruses, also called micro organisms.
After the ozone has done his job it doesn't leave any by-products in the pool because it revert back to oxygen.
Ozone does not only destroy micro organisms, it also destroys cosmetics, urine, perspiration, body oil and creams.

Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Ozone UV-C:

Fresh, clean and crystal-clear water
More pleasure and less maintenance with your pool
Ozone demolish sunburn oil and creams
UV-C demolish bonded chlorine
Chemicals no longer necessary
User-friendly and safe disinfection
100% effective and continuous action
No pathogenic organisms or formation of algae or bacteria
No storing or handling of dangerous chemicals
No chlorine smell, irritated skin or red eyes
Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 90%
316L stainless-steel housing, up to 35% more UV-C yield due to reflection
Integrated adjustable hour counter for the ozone UV-C lamp
The device automatically indicates when the set needs replacing
2-year warranty on production defects

Technical specifications
70.000 L
Lamp TUV Ozone

36 T5 HO VH 75 Watt 4P-SE-BY1

UV-C (W) completely
50 Watt
Pool capacity (L.)
70.000 L
Max. flow
25.000 l/h
Max. pressure 3 bar
Max. ozone 0,6 gram
Connection 63mm
Length device 100cm