Automatic Pool Cleaners

These self-contained automatic pool cleaners have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. All dirt and debris collected is stored in a bag or filter cartridge contained within the cleaner. They are electronic and do require an electrical supply. Robotic automatic pool cleaners do not engage your filter system or surface skimmer, and they act as a secondary filter within the pool. They seem to be slightly more expensive to purchase relative to other cleaner types on the market. But they scrub, clean and vacuum as they automatically navigate your pool, and are a great time-saver!

At Fountain Pools, we carry all the top brands and models of robotic / electronic automatic pool cleaners, such as Dolphin, Hayward, Pentair and many more. Our helpful sales team are ready to explain the features and differences between them, and help you select your perfect robotic automatic pool cleaner.

Advantages of Robotic /Electronic Automatic Pool Cleaners:
Self-contained filtration eases wear and tear on your pump and filter
Fastest method for cleaning your swimming pool
Special features depending on the unit

All prices shown include VAT and delivery to UK mainland.
Dolphin Supreme M5 Automatic Pool Cleaner
(-37.50%)  1,950.00
The Dolphin Supreme M5 Automatic Pool Cleaner enables you to maximize your pool enjoyment thanks to remote-controlled setup and cleaning programs that deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene.
Designed for pools up to 15m (50ft) in length, the Supreme M5 expertly cleans the floor, walls, and waterline, without intervention.
Dolphin Supreme M200 Automatic Pool Cleaner
(-37.31%)  805.00
The new generation in robotic pool cleaners
Recommended for pools up to 12m. (40ft.) in length
Cleans the floor ans swimming pool corners.
Dolphin Supreme M4 Automatic Pool Cleaner
(-35.67%)  1,320.00
Takes all the hard work out of pool cleaning, while providing reliable cleaning results every time.
Recommended for pools up to 12m. (39ft.) in length.
Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including the floor, walls and waterline.