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Which Type of SWIMMING Pool Cleaner do i need?

Read about the 3 different types, then select based on your pool, your situation, your budget.

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Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners for Above-ground & In-ground Pools

Automatic pool cleaners do exactly that - automatically clean the dirt and debris from your swimming pool.

Fountain Pools supply both above-ground pool cleaners and in-ground pool cleaners. Regardless of the type of swimming pool you have, there are three basic types of automatic pool cleaners: suction side pool cleaners, pressure side pool cleaners, and robotic / electronic pool cleaners. 

1. Robotic / Electronic Automatic Pool Cleaners

These self-contained automatic pool cleaners have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. All dirt and debris collected is stored in a bag or filter cartridge contained within the cleaner. They are electronic and do require an electrical supply. Robotic automatic pool cleaners do not engage your filter system or surface skimmer, and they act as a secondary filter within the pool. They seem to be slightly more expensive to purchase relative to other cleaner types on the market. But they scrub, clean and vacuum as they automatically navigate your pool, and are a great time-saver!

At Fountain Pools, we carry all the top brands and models of robotic / electronic automatic pool cleaners, such as Dolphin, Hayward, Pentair and many more. Our helpful sales team are ready to explain the features and differences between them, and help you select your perfect robotic automatic pool cleaner.

Advantages of Robotic /Electronic Automatic Pool Cleaners:

      • Self-contained filtration eases wear and tear on your pump and filter
      • Fastest method for cleaning your swimming pool
      • Special features depending on the unit

2. Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

This is the most popular type of automatic pool cleaner. Most have only one moving part and they are an economical choice for first-time pool owners. They're easy to use because they attach to your existing skimmer or a dedicated suction port. Suction-side pool cleaners work when your pool pump is running. They pick up dirt & debris, and deposit it into your filter system. Suction-side cleaners do reduce some of your surface skimming action while in use. In general, they are the most economical option while offering all the basics to automate the cleaning of your pool. At Fountain Pools, we supply a wide range of suction-side automatic pool cleaners, at the lowest prices available.

Advantages of Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaners:

      • Simple to install and operate
      • Low cost and proven track record

3. Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

These automatic pool cleaners work on the return side of your filter system and generally attach to a dedicated return line in the pool. Some require an additional booster pump, which sends added water volume to the cleaner. They pick up dirt and debris in the pool and deposit it into an attached fine mesh bag. Pressure side cleaners are helpful in distributing clean, filtered water around the pool, and having their own debris bag means that they don't compromise the filter system. They also do not stop your surface skimming action. They tend to be slightly more involved to use than suction-side cleaners, and their mid-range price makes them a great retrofit option.

Advantages of Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaners:

      • Distributes filtered water around the entire pool
      • Won't clog skimmer or filter with debris
      • Enhances water circulation
      • Fast & efficient

Making The Choice - We Can Help!

All three types of pool cleaners will get the job done. So which is the right one for you? The other factors to consider are your budget and preferences. For example, as the pool cleaner increases in features & functionality, you can expect an increase in price. We recommend you start by balancing the benefits of each type of automatic pool cleaner with your budget. Have questions? Give the Fountain Pools a call on 0856 10 80 685 or 01403 700794. We'll be happy to help you select your perfect pool cleaner, giving you more time to enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it.